House Service

Delightfully Captivating

[ Concept ]

At House Services, they defy the notion of traditional parties. They blur the line between host and guest, weaving a tapestry of connections, and forging bonds that transcend the ordinary. They delivering electrifying live performances and mind-bending DJ sets that transport you to euphoric realms of sound. Collaborating with visionary musicians, they craft experiences that imprint indelible marks on your soul, replicating the intimate sensation of being in your own space with friends. The guests are not passive observers; they actively participate in this audacious movement, driven by an insatiable hunger for extraordinary moments of unfiltered self-expression.

The House Services brand proudly embraces the unconventional, incorporating elements that are delightfully weird and unexpected. Our design choices challenge traditional norms, infusing our visual identity with a quirky twist that stimulates intrigue and curiosity. The color palette, featuring a harmonious blend of red, black, and off-white, embodies both boldness and sophistication, creating a visual language that demands attention.

The graphic elements employed in our branding disrupt conventional design principles, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. 

[ Services ]

  • AI
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic design