Lil Baby

IOU Tour Merch

[ Concept ]

Our team had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Lil Baby on the development of his exclusive IOU Tour Merch capsule, which involved two distinct and captivating design concepts. The first concept drew inspiration from the Renaissance era, symbolising the transformative journey Lil Baby has undertaken throughout his career.

This concept aimed to reflect his growth, evolution, and the artistic strides he has made. Through careful research and creative exploration, we incorporated Renaissance-inspired elements into the designs, blending classical motifs with modern graphics and typography. The second concept took a more general design approach, weaving together various assets from Lil Baby’s life. This concept captured his unique persona, experiences, and musical influences, resulting in a collection that felt authentic and deeply connected to his identity.

Our team worked closely with Lil Baby and his team throughout the entire process, refining each concept and ensuring they perfectly embodied his vision. From designing captivating graphics to overseeing production, we spared no effort in creating a Tour Merch capsule that resonated with Lil Baby’s fans worldwide and served as a tangible representation of his artistry and journey.

[ Services ]

  • Art Direction
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Merch Design